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Tye, Matthew and Shane Threesome
Added: 2018-03-11

Matthew hooks up with Tye and Shane for another threesome. When Shane releases his hard cock, Matthew and Tye take turns sucking it, with Tye putting his tongue stud to good use. Going back and forth between Shane and Matthew's cock, Tye is clearly hungry for cock. Shane blows a small load, tastes it, and lets Tye and Matthew get a lick, before heading to the shower. Now Matthew gets down to the business of sucking Tye's dick. Fresh from his shower, Shane wanders back in, still hard and horny. Spitting on Tye's cock, Shane says he'd like to watch Matthew fuck him. So Matthew delivers a good fuck on Tye's ass, while he licks Shane's cock and balls. With a little help from Tye's talented tongue, Shane unleashes a couple of his signature spurts. Shortly after, Tye pumps from a healthy stream, and Matthew follows with a major cum gusher.